City Projects Booklet

Parks, greenways, LED lights, light rail, green buildings - several exciting projects are getting underway throughout Bellevue.  The City held a "Spring Forward" expo in the Spring of 2013 to summarize what these are.  You will find a write up of these projects here.

Here are a few favorites: 

New LEED Gold Bellevue Youth Theatre

This project will construct a new 12,000 square foot theater facility in Crossroads Community Park.  The project is being developed in cooperation with the Bellevue Youth Theatre Foundation, who is raising $1 million in support of the new facility.  The new theater will include a flexible black box theater that can be configured to accommodate between 110 and 150 seats.  Support facilities include a box office, lobby, "green room," rehearsal space, storage and outdoor theater capabilities.  The new theater will be located adjacent to the Crossroads Community Center, allowing the two facilities to share existing parking and programming opportunities.  The new facility will be integrated into the park with a green roof providing a natural insulator, resulting in significant energy savings while limiting the impact of storm water runoff.  The facility will be fully accessible and designed to meet the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Certification standards.

New LEED Gold Bellevue Botanical Garden Visitor Center 

This project will construct a new 8,500 square foot Visitor Center, expanded parking lot and site improvements.  The visitor center will include multi-use classrooms, a gift shop, restrooms, catering kitchen, meeting room and offices.  New garden spaces will be developed and trail connections made.  The existing Shorts House Visitor Center will remain and the Sharp’s Cabin relocated.
This continues an ongoing partnership with the Bellevue Botanical Society, who is completing a $5million capital campaign to support the growth of the gardens.  The project is designed to meet the US Green Building Council - LEED standards.  

Downtown Livability Initiative

The Downtown Livability initiative is a targeted review of specific regulations that guide downtown development and land use activity. The objectives of this work are to: better achieve the vision for downtown as a vibrant, mixed-use center; enhance the pedestrian environment; improve the area as a residential setting; enhance the identity and character of downtown neighborhoods; and incorporate elements from the Downtown Transportation Plan Update and the East Link design work currently underway

Downtown Transportation Plan Update

This project is a focused update to the transportation portion of the Downtown Subarea Plan adopted in 2004, while remaining consistent with the overall vision of that Plan. This effort will consider and incorporate forecasted growth through 2030 for Downtown population and employment; the planned deployment of East Link light rail, and the effects of other local and regional land use and transportation plans. The intended outcome is a multi-modal strategy to provide long-term mobility throughout Downtown Bellevue.

East Link Light Rail Station Area Planning

The City’s station area planning (SAP) project will consider the unique characteristics of each station area and focus on whether changes or improvements within a ¼- to ½-mile area might be needed to help integrate stations into their neighborhoods.

LED Streetlighting

Ongoing project to convert city street lights from incandescent High Pressure Sodium (HPS) to solid state Light Emitting Diode (LED).  This project is intended to reduce energy consumption, reduce street lighting expenditures, and support Bellevue's Environmental Stewardship Initiative.  The project was started in 2009.  In 2013 89 LEDs on PSE residential lights in Lake Hills have been installed.  NE 24th St, Northup Way, and Cougar Mountain Way corridor projects will also be completed in 2013.

Mountains to Sound Greenway Trail

The 3.6-mile trail being studied would close a gap in the Greenway between Factoria Boulevard and Lakemont Boulevard.  In 2013, the City will beginning the final design on the Greenway Trail between Factoria Blvd SE and 150 Ave SE. The design will follow the layout and recommendations made in the Mountains to Sound Greenway Trail Design Study which was completed in 2012

Coal Creek Parkway Bridge

The existing 9-foot diameter Coal Creek Parkway Culvert is in poor condition and needs to be replaced.  In order to reliably pass major storm flows and debris, and to provide fish passage and habitat, this project will replace the deteriorating corrugated metal culvert with a large open-bottom concrete box culvert.  The 39-foot wide bridge will include a walkway along the south wall of the culvert for hikers in Coal Creek Park to safely cross under the Parkway.  16-inch and 20-inch fuel pipe lines, which currently sandwich the existing culvert, will need to be relocated to construct the new bridge.  The pipe line relocation work will require close coordination, which includes several phases of construction over a two-year period.  Another constraint on the schedule is a permit limitation that will only allow summer season work within Coal Creek

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