Energy Conservation

Energy conservation can range from strategies as simple as turning off lights in rooms not being used, to sophisticated commercial building strategies such as demand control ventilation.  Exciting developments include LED lighting (both interior and exterior), heat recovery chillers, highly efficient heat pumps, smart meters, better insulation and windows, passive ventilation, and energy-efficient appliances of all kinds, and more!  

Since 1978, regional energy efficiency measures in the Northwest have produced nearly 3,700 MW of savings – equivalent to the production capacity of more than six coal plants. These energy efficiency measures reduce costs for rate payers, conserve natural resources, and avoid the significant capital and operating expenses of building new power plants.

Your local utility is a great partner in helping to identify and implement energy conservation in your home and business. Puget Sound Energy Savings & Energy Center

For an overview of more strategies, visit:

US DOE Energy Saver

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