Georgetown University Energy Prize

City of Bellevue  is competing for the $5 million Georgetown University Energy Prize!


Bellevue has been selected to advance to the Semifinal round of the Georgetown University Energy Prize, a national competition that challenges us, along with other small- and medium-sized communities to develop and implement creative, sustainable, and replicable strategies to save energy.  As a community, we will be attempting to reduce as much energy use as possible in residential, municipal, and school accounts over two years (2015 and 2016).

Bellevue's overall approach:

Bellevue’s strategy for winning the Prize is to help market the many valuable resources available to residents through Puget Sound Energy, such as PSE's Energy Advisor Hotline, Multi-Family “Direct Install” program, Nest Thermostat incentives, and the free Home Energy Assessment program which includes an on-the-spot installation of up to twenty high-efficiency LED light bulbs. In addition, the City will ramp up offerings to local schools and youth programs by creating the Eastside Energy Corps – a program that will provide students with valuable career skills in communications, campaign-organizing, and energy management while problem solving local environmental issues.

Through the campaign, we hope to create a buzz about saving energy in the community, so check GreenWa out on Facebook, and share what you are doing to save energy with your neighbors, family, and friends!

How to support Bellevue:

Take the Bellevue pledge to save energy, and automatically get entered-to-win to cool prizes!  

Contact PSE's Energy Advisor (800-562-1482) to find out about programs and incentives available to help you cut your home energy bills. The first step is often to schedule a Home Energy Assessment to get up to 20 high-efficiency LED light bulbs, high performance showerheads, and a FREE assessment of your home energy usage. 

Contact Cascade Water Alliance for free hot water-saving items such as low-flow showerheads and aerators. Click here to learn more. 

How to get involved:

You can reach out to us and request a presentation for your community group or neighborhood association. Another thing you can do if your under the age of 18 is join the Eastside Energy Corps which is a program primarily for local high school students to learn about and actively engage in energy management practices, running a campaign, and generally helping Bellevue win the Prize! To learn more about the Eastside Energy Corps click here or go directly to the registration form here.

We look forward to elevating Bellevue as a national leader of energy efficiency efforts in America, and locally, we are in head-to-head competition with Bellingham and excited to beat them in the final GUEP standings!  

Finally, what should we do with the prize money, if we won?  Give us your feedback!

For questions about the Prize or if you would like to get involved in the effort, please contact Jennifer Ewing,