Public Art

Bellevue's Public Art Program was established in 1979. Today about 57 works are in the collection, with more on the way. The Arts Commission serves as the Public Art Program's key advisor, guiding the city as it commissions a wide variety of art and disperses it throughout the community. The program:

  • commissions and maintains artwork designed especially for the community;
  • presents the biennial sculpture and installation exhibition, Bellwether (next exhibition - 2014);
  • works with other City programs to include public art in planning documents and design guidelines; and
  • provides information about public art in Bellevue.

Program Goals
1. Use public art to define/enhance an urban walkway from City Hall to the waterfront
2. Facilitate private investment in public art
3. Engage neighborhoods in commissioning public art

Public Art Projects Underway:

  • Bridle Trails Public Art Project -- Construction. Coordination underway. 
  • Newport Hills/Lake Heights Neighborhood Public Art Project -- Design approved. Construction contract in development.

ArtMap highlights downtown public art
Downtown Bellevue boasts more than 120 works of public art, both indoors and outdoors. Now, people interested in seeing them have "ArtMap," a new guide that graphically displays how art has become ingrained in the character of downtown.



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