Report Water Pollution

Water pollution is a serious problem but one that you can help solve. If you see water being contaminated, no matter how big or small, there is something that you can do to stop it. You can report it.

If you see signs of pollutant spills in a lake or stream or near a storm drain in Bellevue, please call the Bellevue Utilities 24-hour emergency number, 425-452-7840.

For reporting water pollution and spills in King County, contact the Drainage and Water Quality Investigation line at  (206) 296-1900 . The investigation line is meant to address citizens’ concerns on the problem of storm water runoff and general water pollution issues. They also investigate and respond to drainage and water quality reports to insure the safety of surface, ground and storm water.

If you see pollution, you should:

        1.      Report it right away.

2.      Make sure you know where it is - address, nearby landmarks, and other locators help!

3.      Take photos so that there is evidence in case people leave or it is washed away.

For more information about keeping waterways clean in Bellevue go to


If you witness water pollution and live in Seattle:
Surface Water Pollution Report Form -
Surface Water Pollution Report Line - (206) 684-7587


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