Solarize Bellevue

Solarize Bellevue is BACK!

Our contractor selection committee has selected A&R Solar to serve the community during the 2015 Solarize Bellevue campaign! Congratulations and thank you to all of the solar service-providers in the region who have made efforts to participate.

We're excited to repeat the success of our 2014 campaign - here were some of the highlights: 

  • 51 new solar arrays added to Bellevue 
  • One free system donated to the Bellevue Boys and Girls Club Teen Center! Check it out here -  Teen Center Turned Green Center.
  • Increase of solar production in Bellevue by 45%


Breaking News! We're excited to announce that Bellevue has reached 30 installations of solar arrays by A&R Solar. For every 5 solar systems A&R Solar sells above 25, $2,000 will be donated to the Bellevue community for a community award. If Bellevue reaches its campaign goal of 50 installations, the award will be $10,000. Visit here for more information. This money will be donated to local nonprofit, community, school group, or individual that has a project that will benefit Bellevue residents. Recently A&R Solar picked out finalists among the groups who applied for this award, held public voting for the finalists, and chose the winners. Congratulations to Jubilee REACH and the Interlake High School Saints Robotics Team for winning the award! To learn more about the winners and the finalists, click here


How Solarize Bellevue Works: 

Solarize Bellevue is a neighborhood solar purchasing program that offers the best value for homeowners and businesses for headache-free solar installations on their homes, businesses, or multifamily units.  This is achieved by pooling local individuals who are interested in pursuing solar power for their residences, and making a collective “bulk buy.”  This type of program has been widely successful across the country, having shown savings of 10% or more on average when compared to acquiring solar systems independently. 

*Note the program is not a guarantee of cost savings. Participating in the Solarize campaign is about more than just cost. The campaign contractor was selected based on their exceptional customer service, workmanship, and their offer to give back significantly to the community. 

How do I participate in Solarize Bellevue?

You can participate in two ways:

1. Register for a workshop - Prospective solar energy system buyers should plan to attend a community workshop.  Interested participants must attend one community workshop in the summer/fall of 2015 in order to be eligible to take advantage of the Solarize Bellevue program benefits. See workshop details below.

2.   Volunteer to spread the word about Solarize Bellevue.  We are recruiting engaged community members to discuss this opportunity with their neighbors, neighborhood associations, businesses, and at events this summer and fall.  To volunteer, please email Paula Del Giudice at 


What are the benefits to me for participating in Solarize Bellevue

There are many benefits for participating in this program:

  1. Free education and technical assistance in determining if solar is right for your home or business,

  2. Competitive pricing on the cost of,

  3. Eligibility for all state and federal tax credits and incentives,

  4. A quicker return on your investment, which means you start generating free energy sooner, 

  5. Joining your neighbors and community in a solid financial and environmental investment.

For more questions and answers, reference the Solarize Bellevue FAQs page.

Timeline of Solarize Bellevue:

April - June, 2015, Phase I - Volunteer recruitment & contractor selection

July - October, 2015, Phase II - Community workshops and contractor site assessments

July, 2015 - March, 2016, Phase III - Solar installations take place

Other Resources

The Solarize Washington webpage contains success stories of campaigns from previous years throughout the state. 

Puget Sound Energy's Incentive Structure page describes the variable rates of feed-in electricity sales, depending on the different components of your residential solar system.

Identify the solar potential of your home, your neighborhood, your whole city!  Use the map below to dig deeper into your production potential by zooming into your home address:

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