Stream Team

Stream Team is a City of Bellevue program with a mission to provide information, increase community involvement and awareness, and initiate changes that will protect the quality of our water systems and the fish and wildlife habitat.

Stream Team volunteers gather important information about Bellevue’s streams, lakes and wetlands and help improve the city’s fish and wildlife habitat in a variety of ways:

  • Salmon Watcher: monitor local streams for salmon returning in the fall, visiting a site for 15 minutes twice a week from September through December and reporting when, where and what type of salmon are sighted. Attend two-hour workshop in September.
  • Peamouth Patrol: check local streams for 15 minutes twice a week from mid-April through May. Record spawning times and use of Bellevue streams. Attend one-hour workshop in April.
  • Earth Day/Arbor Day: Plant native plants near streams and in wetlands.
  • Collect insect samples from Bellevue streams for water quality monitoring

Check the Stream Team flyer to learn about Stream Team volunteer opportunities. To become a volunteer, contact Stream Team at  425-452-5200 or and provide an email and/or mailing address where you would like to receive information. Volunteers will receive a newsletter and flyers during the year about upcoming volunteer events. Then, sign up for what interests you.

For other updates, visit the Stream Team homepage.


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