Tree Pruning Guidelines

The City of Bellevue is committed to natural resource stewardship and a healthy and sustainable urban forest. The Tree Pruning Guidelines (flipbook version) explain appropriate tree maintenance practices allowed in geological hazard critical areas. Trees and vegetation provide a multitude of benefits, which include clean water, clean air, enhanced quality of life, and improved property values.  A study in 2008  conducted by the city to assess the benefits of the city’s tree cover found 36 percent tree canopy coverage city-wide.  The tree canopy provides 62 million cubic feet in stormwater detention services valued at $123 million.  Bellevue’s canopy removes 687,000 pounds of air pollutants annually at a value of $1 .55 million per year. The study also found that Bellevue’s tree canopy stores 332,000 tons of carbon in trees’ wood and sequesters 2,582 tons of carbon annually. 

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