Used Cooking Oil Collection

The City of Bellevue and General Biodiesel offer residents an environmentally-friendly way to dispose of the used cooking oil and grease generated in the production of home meals.

Drop off the used cooking oil and grease at no cost at the Crossroads Par 3 Golf Course parking lot, 15801 NE 15th St., behind Top Foods. General Biodiesel, a Seattle-based renewable energy firm, will recycle the oil and grease into biodiesel fuel.

Why not turn waste into energy?  By recycling your used cooking oil, it doesn't end up in landfills or clogging drains (if you pour grease down the drain, it sticks to the inside of sewer pipes and can build up and block the pipe, leading to expensive and unpleasant clean-ups).

To ensure safe and secure transport and disposal of your fats and grease, General Biodiesel suggest putting the cooled material from fryers, pots or pans in a sealed container such as a plastic milk jug. At the disposal tank, slowly pour the grease into the collection container to avoid splatters. Be sure to close the community collection tank lid when you are finished. Take your own containers back home for reuse or disposal in your garbage and leave nothing behind but the oil you deposited.