Rain Gardens

Rain gardens reduce the need for costly "gray" stormwater infrastructure and give healthy soils and plants an opportunity to capture and filter urban runoff before it has a chance to harm our creeks, lakes, rivers and Puget Sound.

Puget Sound Starts Here

Puget Sound Starts Here is a partnership of cities, counties, state and federal agencies, nonprofit groups, and local organizations dedicated to improving water quality and aquatic habitat in the Puget Sound region.

Natural Yard Care

The City of Bellevue offers a host of resources, from fact sheets to videos to classes to help residents practice natural lawn and garden care.

Rain Garden Handbook

A rain garden acts like a native forest by collecting, absorbing, and filtering storm water runoff from roof tops, driveways, patios, and other areas that don't allow water to soak in.

Report Water Pollution

Water pollution is a serious problem but one that you can help solve. If you see water being contaminated, no matter how big or small, there is something that you can do to stop it. You can report it.

Keep Plastic Out Of Puget Sound

Plastic pollution is a serious hazard to Puget Sound wildlife. Whales, seabirds, and other animals can mistake plastic in the water for food and ingest it.

Stream Team

Stream Team is a City of Bellevue program with a mission to provide information, increase community involvement and awareness, and initiate changes that will protect the quality

Bellevue's Drainage System Map

Bellevue has 26 drainage basins – areas of land that each drain to a stream or lake. City staff have prepared fact sheets that offer a snapshot of the built and natural conditions in each drainage basin.

Water Quality Report

Bellevue’s high-quality drinking water comes from the Tolt River and Cedar River watersheds, and meets or exceeds all state and federal drinking water standards. Stringent testing throughout the year shows that your water is safe.