Peamouth Minnows

Countless peamouth minnows return to Kelsey Creek in the spring to spawn. For 24 to 48 hours, the stream is thick with the usually elusive fish.

Mountains to Sound Greenway

Vast forests. Meadow-strewn mountain peaks. Small farms that feed city markets. Rural communities, keepers of our region’s colorful past.

Eastside Audubon Society

Eastside Audubon serves east King County through birding activities, conservation, and nature education.

Stream Team

Stream Team is a City of Bellevue program with a mission to provide information, increase community involvement and awareness, and initiate changes that will protect the quality

Bird Watching in Bellevue

Local bird watchers, including Hugh Jennings, have been actively spotting fowl in the Lake Hills Greenbelt and other natural areas of Bellevue for over 20 years.