Can't Flush This...

What's true for one part of the world is in this case true for others.

UNITED KINGDOM - New research* shows that customers across the North West are throwing millions of pounds down the drain by flushing the wrong things down the loo.

One in 10 people has suffered from blocked toilets and drains by flushing items such as baby wipes, make-up wipes, sanitary products and cotton buds -- paying an average of £99 for a plumber to repair it.

Plumber, Ged Atkins said: "I've been a plumber for over twenty years and one of the most common problems I'm called out to deal with is blocked pipes caused by flushing the wrong things down the loo.

"It's such an easy problem to solve and while the 'MC Plumber' video may be a bit of fun, behind it is an important message that could end up helping a lot of North West residents to keep their pipes clear -- avoiding unnecessary hassle and cost."

*Online research conducted by OpinionMatters in March 2013 among 1,002 NW householders