The choice of a web hosting agency: what is needed for an optimal choice ?

The creation of a website is a response to the problem of a company’s visibility and its ability to sell its products. However, there are responsibilities that every website must meet in order to be functional, hence the need for hosting. Hosting agencies therefore offer their services to the population and in view of the existing multitude, criteria are needed to make the right choice. In this article you will find a guide to choosing a hosting agency.

The technology of the hosting agency

Far from being a simple computer task, web hosting is a job that requires good technology, which Koddos provides, for example. Indeed, some sites, given their capacity, require a whole protocol to be hosted. However, the less equipped agencies are not able to host the sites properly, which leads to malfunctions here and there. When an agency is experienced and has the right tools, not only is the hosting efficient, but it is also fast.

Availability of the hosting agency

Each hosting agency operates according to its own schedule. Some agencies are available 24 hours a day, while others are not. If a hosting agency is available, it will assist its customers in any difficulties they may encounter. Even in the dead of night, you can take advantage of their service in case your site has a problem. In fact, these agencies have a customer service department that is always on duty and the staff rotates regularly to cover the needs of the customers. On the other hand, a hosting agency that does not make itself available full-time will not be able to assist you in certain delicate moments.

The quality of the agency’s connection

Hosting agencies operate on a connection that characterises their performance. Indeed, hosting work requires the use of a high-speed internet connection. For this reason, there are agencies whose servers are all connected to at least 1 Gbps. This means that entrepreneurs who choose a high-speed hosting agency have a smooth connection to their site.

The price of hosting

The price that each agency sets for its services depends on its policy. For example, you will see agencies that charge $39.99 per month for hosting and $140 for others. The cost of hosting is related to the quality of hosting to be provided.