What diet should a sportsman adopt?

A sports diet consists of a balanced daily diet containing all the nutrients required by the body and the organism. The choice of diet should be made taking into account the duration and intensity of training sessions. However, energy and water requirements differ from one individual to another. But what are the characteristics of a good sports diet?

A diet rich in carbohydrates, fats and fatty acids

The longer you train, the more you need to hydrate. So drink at least one litre of water every hour of training, especially if you are very active. This is because sports and physical exercise create specific qualitative needs, i.e. a high level of slow sugars and carbohydrates.

In addition, your diet should be rich in proteins because these provide endurance. In addition, fat intake is also necessary for a sportsman’s body as it protects it from chronic fatigue.

Eat foods rich in fatty acids such as vegetable oils, oily fish and oilseeds. In addition, your diet should be structured and divided into at least three meals during the day.

Dietary diversity

To have a good balanced diet, you need to vary your diet with meals containing the components. These are: raw vegetables, meat, fish, eggs, legumes, dairy products and raw or cooked fruit.

So your diet should be rich in complex carbohydrates, vegetables, fruit and protein. So, eat foods with a high energy density that are effective in strengthening muscles. On the other hand, limit the consumption of cold cuts, pastries and sweetened drinks by making a habit of eating foods rich in micronutrients.

These micronutrients include trace elements, minerals and vitamins. The consumption of foods rich in vitamin C, iron, iodine and zinc should not be neglected. The adoption of a sports diet also takes into account mineral drinks and waters that strengthen the body in magnesium and calcium.

In addition, consume semi-skimmed milk, which is a source of carbohydrates and quality proteins, as well as being rich in calcium. It is therefore an excellent food to consume at the end of each training session.